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Collagen or “The Protein of Youth” – who needs it and why is it needed?

Staying young and healthy is the motto of the modern world. In today's dynamic realities, there is simply no time for disease and aging. Today, youth is not a caprice, but a necessity, which is one of the conditions for personal success. That is the reason why both beauty industry and medicine are making giant efforts to combat aging. However, if earlier, the capacity building of these industries was aimed at combating the signs of aging, today the emphasis is on preventing this natural process. And one of the main tools is an excellent alternative to beauty shots or plastic surgery - a timely and competent process of restoration of the most important element of youthful skin, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems of the body - "the protein of Beauty" - Collagen.

Justification of injections of hyaluronic acid, Botox and especially plastic surgeries raises questions, especially in the case when the process of own collagen production in the body can be resumed. In other words, we are young, when our body has enough collagen, produced by cells of human connective tissue, which is responsible for the functionality and vitality of your joints, cartilage, skin, tendons. Collagen ensures the mobility of your joints, the turgor of your skin and the strength of your musculoskeletal system. In other words, collagen, being the basis of connective tissue and creating links between its cells, creates an inner frame of the human body.

Aging starts due to a decrease in the production of collagen by your own cells. Beauty injections – may only solve the problem of visual aging in the short term and bring the surface effect, without affecting the internal process. The same applies to creams containing collagen, which simply deliver it partially into the outer layer of the skin, without affecting the process from the inside, which means that you will need such external means more and more often over time, but the effect of them will be less and less. However, there is a way out - by collagen internally you ensure that it arrives in the gastrointestinal tract, from where it is absorbed into the blood, and distributed further throughout the body built into the membranes of connective tissue cells.

In this way, you strengthen your frame from the inside, providing youthful skin and internal organs. Collagen is not a panacea for age-related changes, but it is one of the most effective tools to slow down the aging process, which has a beneficial effect on your skin, hair, nails, posture, joints and even vision! All this should be remembered when choosing the means for care and prolongation of youth. However, and here everything is not so simple. There are different origins collagen, available on the market, which contain different collagen types (I, II, III types), so it is also very important to understand what the human body needs and what works better.

Numerous clinical studies have proven that Marine collagen is the best way to fill human connective tissue. Why and what is the difference between animal and marine origin collagen can be read in the section "The difference between marine and other types of collagen. Why do people need marine proteins of beauty?


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